2013-02-06 Week 1: Ushiro Kata Tori Kokyunage – Ago Tsuki Age

by valerielwang

Week 1: Ushiro Kata Tori Ago Kokyunage – Tsuki Age
Ushiro: From behind.
Kata: Shoulder
Tori: Grab
Kokyunage: Breath Throw
Ago: Chin
Tsuki: Strike
Age: Upwards

Taiso: Body Movement
Ude Furi Undo: Arm swinging movement
Ude: Arm
Furi: Swing or Shake
Undo: Movement
Dai Ichi: First
Dai Nichi: Second
Choyaku: Step back & turn

Ukemi: Proper falling. Practice slapping lying on mat, hip switch from left to right, back and forth. Ensure arm is slapping the mat palm down, at about a 90 degree angle from the body, elbow gently bent.
Koho Tento: Rear Falling Exercise: Sitting, Kneeling, Standing.

Atemi: Strikes – Elbow to solar plexus, upper cut. Also, grasping the throat, under the chin.

Extra credit: Ryokatatori Ago Tsuki Age (the same technique, executed facing the attacker)
Randori-style practice: Kata tori front or back grabs. Respond with Ago Tsuki Age
Zempo Kaiten (continuous rolling) low rolls

Homework: Practice
Rear Falling (“Downs & Ups”), 3 levels
Ude Furi Undo (Dai Ichi, Dai Nichi): Arm swinging excersize (Taiso) – 2 versions.