Thursday, November 15: Arcologies

by valerielwang

After visiting Shaolin Tzu.
Traveling by bus to our night’s lodging, out the bus window rank on rank of identical highrise apartment buildings recede into a gloomy distance. Cranes everywhere – where are all the people to come from?  No beauty in the architecture, the effect is chilling, warehouses  for people. Perhaps it’s excellent practice for living in spaceships, these anonymous arcologies.

What would communities in in these places be like? Are there any? Do people go slightly crazy, packed so densely into identical dwellings, all on top of each other? Or do they create tiny, self-contained worlds of beauty to sustain themselves?

In a few years when the construction decays, what happens? One sees the predecessors of the new generations’ construction, rusting balconies, random afteribuild air conditioners, wire vines, shanty markets, piles of discarded materials and assorted junk in corners.

When in doubt, more neon, preferably crawling colors.
Is such a concentration of people a virtue, or a terrible problem?