“Chingrish:” Introduction to the Luoyang Great Dragon Hotel

by valerielwang



Introduction to the Luoyang Great Dragon Hotel

Ah, Chingrish.  One of our intrepid otomo and native guides remarked, “That’s even a little weird in Chinese. Overdecorated. Baroque?”

“The lobby of the hotel is the place you enjoy the best quality tea, coffee, wine and cocktails. Which makes you happy rest time.”

And who could resist: “Comfortable, Warmth, Luxury, personal butler. Showing guest lofty position?”  Sign me up!

In all fairness, I continue to work on learning spoken Mandarin while commuting to work and driving back and forth to the dojo. It’s a personal goal to teach an Aikido class entirely in Mandarin when I (hopefully) return to China.  I am quite sure that making some unintentionally funny remarks during the course of that class is an inevitable risk, but as with the Introduction to the Luoyang Great Dragon Hotel (which really is a great name, and it was a very comfortable hotel), sometimes it’s the effort and the thought that counts.

Or as the Great Dragon’s international marketing specialist puts it, “The Great Dragon Hotel, with the utmost respect, nuanced, Ambassador courtesy, plays the newest cadenza for you!”