2013-03-10 Kotegaeshi & Kokyunage from a Munetsuki (Middle punch)

Last week’s seminar class covered Kotegaeshi (“Wrist-twisting throw”) from a grab and a punch, and also as a knife defense. The clip below shows some detail about the initial blend, to get the attacker off-balance. It also shows how to use a similar entrance to move into a Kokyunage (“Breath throw”).  I made it to answer a student’s question about how one could do the entrance (and not get hit – an important point!) yet not have uke off-balance.  While it seems there are very few hard-and-fast “rules” around executing technique in Wadokai Aikido, having one’s attacker off-balance is key. The off-balancing (“kuzushi”) may result from a large or small movement, may simply leverage the gift of the attacker’s energy, or may be caused by a distracting strike (“atemi”), but it’s generally there somewhere. In Wadokai Aikido, particularly as Sensei does it, the atemi can be almost invisible (due to the way it flows with, rather than disrupts, the technique), and the kuzushi can be helped along by subtleties that are easily missed.

If you’re a tactile learner, and the description doesn’t help you grasp the concept, you may need to just come to class ;->.